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Vietnam isn`t the first tourist destination that comes to mind when you think of an Asian vacation, but it indeed has something to surprise you with. And sure, the most fascinating in this country is mail order Vietnamese brides. They`re open-minded, hard-working, and absolutely charming. What makes them so desirable among foreigners and what should you learn about Vietnamese brides for sale before seeing one of them walking down the aisle to meet you? You`ll find out all the useful tips on dating Vietnamese girls in this article!

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A look of Vietnamese mail order brides

Natural beauty

Females from this part of the world impress by their appearance. They tend to have dark locks, smooth skin, white teeth, and a healthy look. These mysterious ladies almost never get old. You can think you see a 20-year-old girl walking down the street, but in reality, she`s a 40-year-old mother of four. Unlike girls from the West, who prefer war paint even while shopping, these ladies highlight their natural characteristics. Your future beloved can spend a lot of time combing hair and rubbing in decoctions. That`s, these ladies impress men with their long and silky hair.

Unique style

Many local girls wear a tight-fitting silk tunic called “Ao Dai”, their national dress. Today, it`s designed to accentuate womanly curves whilst covering the whole body that makes a Vietnamese woman incredibly stunning. This clothing people make of silk or cotton, often combining with sandals of old tire rubber in their look. If you have a soft spot for a half-naked girl, it isn`t your destination. But if you like to uncover mysteries, one of these ladies can make your heart beat faster.

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Why Vietnamese mail order wives search for a partner abroad?

Although Vietnam is a quickly developing country with a growing economy, it`s still not perfect for local women pursuing their dreams. Most ladies live in small towns or poor areas of large cities together with their parents and siblings. The salaries are low, and the Vietnamese families are big. Even if there`s only one child, this kid has to provide for the whole family when they grow up. That`s why brides from Vietnam are so hard-working and responsible.

Sure, it gets hard at times to combine looking after family, work, and at least a bit of leisure time, education, and finding a soulmate. In Vietnam, most women get married or at least try to find a husband by the time they turn 30. Hence, these ladies usually have to choose between marriage and career. This is one of the main reasons they want to marry a foreigner—to have freedom of choice and decide when to get married and pursue a career or any lifelong dream. Every Vietnamese woman for marriage believes marrying a guy from Europe, US, or a more developed Asian country, will give them more opportunities for self-development, prosperity, and happy living. Usually, when a bride moves abroad, she usually sends most of her money back home to help her family, but even after this, there`s still some money for little pleasures she`s never dreamt of in Vietnam.

What are the main virtues of mail order Vietnamese brides?

Vietnamese brides for sale are amazing dancers

Vietnam has several great dances every local girl learns to perform from her very childhood. The lantern dance, platter dance, fan dance, the Lion dance, and others are quite complex and require multiple pieces of training to learn, and Vietnamese mail order wives nail it! For them, dancing is the way to cherish traditions and express themselves at the same time. Each lady puts her soul into these performances, which helps them open up to the world. Once you ask your bride to dance for you, she`ll be on cloud nine. But if you want to make her even happier, ask her to teach you some moves. This is a great way to become closer to each other and get to know how both of you handle teamwork.

They believe in cultural symbols

How to impress one of the Vietnamese ladies looking for marriage? Choose the right bouquet, but forget about traditional roses. Their culture is connected with symbols, so consider it. For example, the dragon is a symbol of strength, royalty, and prosperity. Turtle is a myth in Ho Guom lake, revealing a mysterious power. The flower of Lotus females associate with simple and pure beauty.

Their festivals are connected with the religion

Majority of local females belong to one of three religion groups: Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Also, you can find some Catholic followers here. Your Vietnamese woman likes religious holidays that they celebrate with great fanfare and glory. There are three most famous centuries-old festivals in Vietnam: the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, Buddha`s Birthday, and Lunar New Year.

Vietnamese women for marriage have special communication habits

Locals describe things not verbally, but with the help of gestures, and you can read the sense between the lines. A smile of such a lady may mean greeting, approval, apology, and acceptance. In her culture, a two-finger pose of a V sign means “hello”, “thumbs up” means “good”, and the middle finger doesn`t have any meaning to the elderly. Also, your sweet words are fine for your foreign beloved, but until she knows you as a person, there`ll be always some suspicion. She needs time to build trust and just seconds to ruin it.

Where to find a Vietnam girl looking for marriage?

There are numerous mail order bride sites that become more popular, so many lonely girls from Vietnam rely on them. To use their services, complete the registration procedure. Then you create your account page and add more details about your preferences, character, and life goals. Uploading your real photo in a high resolution increases your chances. Enjoy free options or upgrade your account for applying extra perks like:

  • Unlimited interaction with Vietnamese women
  • Locked photos viewing
  • Improved search facilities
  • Virtual or real gifts sending

High-quality services require some investments, but stunning ladies from Vietnam deserve your time and efforts. Tips from this article will help you find the best Vietnamese wife and build a family full of harmony and love. Go and get it!

How to date a Vietnamese mail order bride? Top tips for foreigners

After you`ve learned where to find a Vietnamese wife, time to discover how to date her and make everything perfect from the very first date. Below, you`ll find some tips on making your dream of marrying a Vietnamese girl come true.

  • Be the one to make the first move. Almost every Vietnam mail order bride is quite shy to be the first one to talk to a guy. If you`re brave enough and want to impress a lady, initiate contact. Be confident, nice, friendly, and not snobby. Don`t forget to smile and give the girl a compliment—this will melt her heart in a beat.
  • Find mutual interests. For Vietnamese women, it`s important that their boyfriends or husbands have something they both love doing, from cooking and traveling to extreme sports and computer games. Ask about your date`s hobbies and try to find what you could both share love for. This will help you build more trust for each other and feel really bonded.
  • Introduce your girl to your parents. For Vietnamese ladies, family is a #1 priority, but not only their own. Girls from Vietnam want to meet the parents of a guy they could marry. If you feel the same way, arrange a friendly, warm meeting at some nice restaurant or take her to your home country to the place your parents live. This way, you`ll get your parents` approval and see how well your sweetheart gets on with your folks.
  • Don`t try to act all Vietnamese. Vietnamese mail order wives don`t like men who are trying to seem like they`re locals too. Even if you`ve learned a couple of Vietnamese phrases and know the most prominent landmarks, don`t act like you`re guy from Vietnam just to make a girl like you more. Go to different restaurants, don`t dress up in Vietnamese clothes, just be yourself and act like a normal guy from a different country. Enough is enough, they say.
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