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One of the most famous tourist destinations of the Asian region, Thailand is a perfect place for beach rest, extreme adventures, and new experiences. But that`s not just it that makes The Land of Smiles so attractive to foreigners. Guess what it is? Correct: Thai mailorder brides, the most valued treasure of the country. You`ll get stunned by their beauty, virtues, and their great skills in arts, music, and traditional vicarious crafts. They`re laid back and calm yet adventurous and passionate.

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IIf you`re ready to get to know these wonderful women a bit more, this article will help you out!

Habits and customs of Thai brides

Local females tend to be polite with all people, including strangers. If you plan to visit your foreign beloved, remember that “wai” is a common greeting here. To do it, fold your hands together, as in prayer, and then raise to the face, and your head has to be lowered in a slight bow. Also, when they visit temples, they cover their arms and legs, so you should do the same. Locals remove their shoes before they enter temples or houses. For Thai females, the head is the most sacred part of the body and you mustn`t touch the head of your girlfriend. Consider these facts if you want to make a good impression and become closer to your desirable girl.

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Special features of Thai mail order brides

Local girls have petite look

Females in this country look petite and young. In Thailand, you`ll see an enormous diversity of female figure types, colors, and shapes. They know how to take care of their health to stay in shape that men find seductive. When it comes to clothing, the most casual outfit of all girl`s dresses is Ruean Ton. It consists of a tube-like skirt that ladies wear with a collarless blouse. The blouse has a row of buttons at the front and elbow-length sleeves, and women tuck it into the skirt. The skirt may be plain or embroidered with regional designs. The basic principle is to cover shoulders and knees. This unusual look makes local females even more charming and mysterious.

Any Thailand girl for marriage always controls her emotions

Despite how stressed or disappointed your girl is, she`ll never show it. No shouting or aggressive behavior and gestures. In Thailand, people don`t raise their voices or get too angry, both at home or in public. That indeed is a Land of Smiles, and so are its citizens. There`s even cold and warm heart concept that proves violence and cruelty is no good solution for anything. If you happen to find a Thai wife, you`ll never get into a fight bigger than those who love each other more. It`ll be a harmonious and nurturing life full of inner balance and happiness.

To maintain a good relationship with your Thailand mail order wife, don`t yell at anyone, especially in public, treat everyone well, and, even in case you have any complaints or something`s driving you crazy. Better have a talk about it or just say what the problem is out loud so that your partner could support you and give some useful advice on how to solve it. Thai girls are wise enough and know how to keep control of every single emotion—they`ve learned it through meditation, prayers, special breathing techniques, and exercise.

They please you with a Thai massage

Thailand mail order wife knows how to get you satisfied, and it isn`t only about intimacy. Many foreign men appreciate Thai massage and are ready to pay money for it. If you settle down with one of these girls, be sure, your wife can give you a portion of relaxation after the working day. What can be better than a massage from a tender and loving spouse?

Things to consider while dating a Thai mail order bride

Mail order Thai brides say “yes” and “no” a bit differently

Thailand women for marriage are extremely polite, and usually, they don`t want to directly refuse to do something or admit they don`t know the answer. For example, if your Thai wife from a mail order site doesn`t want to go on a camping trip, she`ll end up saying “yes” anyway to save the good relationship and not offend you. And weirdly, but “yes” isn`t always a “yes” too. It works the same way: if someone suggests something a girl has no intention of doing, she`ll agree to that suggestion to just be polite.

Even if a lady doesn`t know the right answer or can`t help with anything, a mail order bride from Thailand will find the way to do it and offer her assistance anyway. That`s the common thing for any Thailand mail order bride, so don`t get surprised or confused in case you never hear the word “no” during a conversation with a Thai girl. They indeed are the politest people on earth.

Thai wives online are religious

Most Thai citizens are Buddhists—you can tell it by the amount of Buddha memorials and temples all around the country. It`s influenced the Thai nation a lot through the centuries. Its main beliefs and aspirations are independence from the material world, differentiation of eternal concepts from the transient ones, and a statement that a person can find peace by refusing all desires and attachments.

Lots of Thai women are Buddhist, but it doesn`t mean they don`t accept marrying a person of other faith. They`re not afraid to start a family with a Christian or Catholic, still, you have to respect your wife`s choice and religion. Don`t force your lady to change anything about herself, as it`ll be a self-betrayal. If you want to find Thai wife and live happily ever after, the best you can do is to omit these things and never make your wife change the way she is, especially her religion.

Thailand mail order wives like celebrations

One of the most favorite Thai holidays for local women is the Thai New Year, which is on the 13th – 15th of April. If you plan to visit your beloved and choose this period, be sure, these days with your soulmate will be full of energy, parades, street food, and religious ceremonies. Some customs are hilarious! For example, if you visit this country during this holiday, be ready to get wet, as both children and adults turned this event into a three-day water battle! Such entertainment can help to become closer to your lady, so use all the methods!

If you are honest, open-minded, and caring, your foreign lady will give you a chance to discover her deep ocean of love and passion. Isn`t having such a perfect wife your exact goal?

Tips on dating Thailand women for marriage

If you want to marry a Thailand mail order wife, here are some life-saving tips for a happily ever after. They work for most Thai women, so you`ll have more chances of a successful first date and further development of your relationships.

  • Respect her family. Like in all Asian countries, family is everything for Thai girls, so you`ll always need to support and respect her devotion to family bonds. Plus, spending time with a huge Thai family is great: everyone has what to do and offers various kinds of entertainment, the table crumbles under all that food, and it`s always very loud and fun.
  • Don`t rush into things. Thai women don`t like it when a guy wants to get married real quick. Thai women consider this insincere and not serious at all. So, if you want to date and eventually marry a girl from Thailand, you should build up to your marriage proposal and take it slow. This helps you get to know each other better, build a more trusting relationship, and develop stronger feelings for each other.
  • Don`t make unrealistic promises. Thai girls love straightforward and decisive men. If you`re not sure you want to marry this girl, better say goodbye as soon as possible to avoid a bitter breakup and deep attachment to each other. You`d rather make small and achievable promises and don`t shout out loud you`re going to get married from the very first date. A small commitment like buying her flowers on every date seems more real than “I`ll marry you right away” or “I`ll never leave you” from the first day you met.
  • Don`t freak out if she brings a friend on a date. This is a common thing in Thailand. Women sometimes ask their close friends to come on the first or any other date, and this can happen a couple of times. It`s a great way for a girl to get an objective and honest opinion on a guy she`s dating, see if he`s reliable enough, and whether he deserves a woman. Usually, this chaperone might ask you some questions about your background or occupation, but they won`t be interfering too much during the date. Their main role here is to observe.
  • Bonus tip: don`t touch her head! In Thailand, people believe the head is the most sacred part of a human body, and touching it is inappropriate. This means no caressing or fixing her hair, playing with her cheeks, etc.
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