Russian Mail Order Wife For Foreign Men: How To Marry Russian Women Successfully

There must be a secret to this Russian mail order bride fever. Why do guys keep chasing these women for a hand in marriage for centuries? How do these women attract such a large amount of fans from all over the world? What qualities do they possess that make them a delicacy nobody can resist? The answer lies right at the top: Russian mail order wives possess a unique mix of DNA, unique worldview, deep-rooted morals, and have a rich cultural and historical background.

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What are Russian mail order brides like?

Undoubtedly, they`re beautiful, charming, and kind-hearted. What hides behind that nice picture?

Not a single country has the same vibe as Russia. Here, women are like chameleons. Russian brides for marriage can be gentle and elegant, emotional and vulnerable, and sometimes they`re cold-blooded, independent, and strong. Lucky ones who have married Russian women say it`s hard to be bored in their routine family lives. Local girls possess otherworldly beauty, which varies from region to region.

Do you like Slavic appearance? Women from Saint Petersburg, Rostov, and Saratov will please your eyes. Are you into Asian types of girls? Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, and Sakhalin are full of Asian-Russian brides. Russian girls for marriage are unique inside and out! Feeling intrigued yet? Let`s see what mailorder Russian brides are all about in this article.


They`ll never agree to take a bouquet with an even number of flowers or walk the street if the black cat has just crossed it. Planning a wedding, you`ll have to take many religious holidays into consideration, as some don`t allow such events. And never marry during the leap year!

Stunning no matter what

Almost all ladies on the Russian streets look like they`re going to get Oscars in an hour. Bright makeup, high heels, the best clothes, and even whitened teeth. There`s a big grooming culture in Russia, so it`s almost impossible to meet Russian brides in joggers and without a lip gloss on.


Russia is the biggest country in the world by landmass. Do you imagine how different landscapes are there? They even have 11 time zones, not to mention people diversity! Various appearances, lifestyles, and incomes. When Moscow is in the TOP 10 world richest cities, far villages in Russia have a much simpler life. Girls are very different throughout the whole territory respectively.

Why Russian brides seek love online?

  • To have a sober husband. Russia is always on the list of leading countries with the highest alcohol consumption. Russians drink a lot. To get loaded is a must for many male residents on weekends. Maybe that`s why females there live longer than men.
  • To escape domestic violence. There are strong gender roles in the majority of households in Russia. A man is the head of the family, usually dominant, while a woman is an obedient submissive. If this model doesn`t work the way it should, males don`t hesitate to demonstrate their power by physical abuse. Considering there`s no such a crime as domestic abuse in Russia, it`s often impossible to stay safe for women.

Should you trust Russian brides for marriage?

Westerners have a lot of negative stereotypes about Russia due to the Cold War, not to mention that looking for a bride online goes with its own set of risks. So, should you be worried?

Are Russian mail order brides greedy for money?

The myths about Russian girls go further than just their country. Some say they`re only looking for money and profit from men, others say they`re ready to live in a basement with a beloved one. So where`s the truth? An average Russian mail order bride is a successful entrepreneur/model/career builder, with concrete goals and ways to achieve them. Money is important, but Russians never buy feelings.

Are Russian brides for sale good mothers?

Family institutions in Russia are mainly traditional, where the husband is the head of the marriage, the wife is his support and lifelong partner, and children as fruits of their love. Mother instinct is a vital thing in the lives of local women, so your future kids will be brought up in unconditional love and care.

Are Russian bride sites legitimate?

Platforms representing Russian mail order wives accept only women of class and standard, so meeting someone shady there is quite hard. They say, “money comes and goes, but people around you stay.” Here, girls marry simply based on their personal preferences and feelings. Why would a businesswoman need a man who`s not on the same financial independence level as her? Exactly, she wouldn`t!

What qualities do Russian brides for sale look for in a man?

Before she even thinks about getting closer with you, a Russian woman knows what she searches for in a future partner. Take a look at these qualities and see if you`ve got enough nerve to please stunning ladies from Russia.

  • Independence. Nothing turns on a Russian girl better than an independent and confident man. Show off your best, make good decisions, and their heart will melt right away.
  • Humor. A local girl won`t date a guy who doesn`t have a fun gene. Jokes and sarcasm are a common addition to every Russian relationship. If you`re not capable of keeping up with her humor, she`s probably looking for someone who is.
  • Warm heart. A Russian mail order wife desperately needs understanding from her man. After a hard day at work or a fight with her friends—she wants her partner to be a support. Men who are acting cold and unavailable are a huge turn-off for local girls.

How to find and get attention of a Russian bride?

The fastest and easiest way to search for pretty Russian girls is to register on the best Russian mail order bride sites. When it`s done and you`re ready to meet each other, mind the following to win her over:

  • You`re the one to make the first step. Russian ladies neither plan dates nor tell you about their feelings. Even if she likes you a lot, she won`t let you know that until you talk about feelings yourself.
  • You pay the check. Always and everywhere. Generosity is the quality beautiful Russian women look for in men.
  • She`s waiting for small gifts. Flowers are a must not only on dates but for no reason as well.

Russian mail order brides might seem cold at first sight, but your love and care can melt their hearts. Just give it a try!

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