Marrying A Romanian Woman Will Bring You Happiness

No matter the perks the modern world offers us, popular epochal trends and needs usually substitute genuine feelings and emotions, such as true love and happiness. While working on their career and financial stability, modern men find less and less time to look for a caring and affectionate wife. As time passes, ladies from your environment get married while you remain single.

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Luckily the age of the Internet has its advantages too, primarily due to the possibility to find a wife from a foreign country. How do you feel about Romania mail order brides? The chances are that you know little about those gorgeous single Romanian women, and it’s time to change that!

Peculiarities of a potential Romanian mail order bride

Even though Romania isn’t actually a Slavic country, the romanian mail order wives are much like those renowned Slavic beauties. Depending on the area the lady is from, she can be a blue-eyed princess or a dark-haired mysterious goddess.

These days you can meet Romanian women all over the globe, even in Hollywood. The famous Winona Ryder is an actress with Romanian roots. You can tell that by her incredibly fair complexion, petite figure, and mesmerizing depth of her eyes.

Nationality peculiarities of Romania mail order wives

Did you know that Romania is the homeland of Dracula? There’s always something magical and mysterious about dating a true Romanian woman. They’re anything but vile, on the contrary. Romanians are incredibly talkative and frank. Most Romanians are hard-working, but they know how to have fun and party. A little incline to gossip can be pointed as a negative trait, but we all have our tolerable vices, right?

  • Temper – one of the most peculiar traits of Romanians is their unpredictable temper. Due to hot gypsy genes, Romanians are easily triggered and emotional. It’s best to avoid subjects that might upset your future wife and lead to an emotional outburst.
  • Security – the security levels within the country are tolerable. However, should you choose to visit the country for romantic reasons, it’s best to start your communication from a Romanian dating website. The thing is that Romanian men are overprotective when it comes to the ladies and view every foreigner as a potential threat. Despite the fact that a lady may favor you.
  • Punctuality – while other women prefer to be late, Romanian ladies are utterly punctual, and that’s a national cultural peculiarity they’re proud of. Being late is often viewed as an insult, and it’s advised to memorize the characteristics to avoid related unpleasantries.

Cultural characteristics to consider when marrying a Romanian woman

It’s safe to say that over the course of modernization, cultural acceptance and general multi-cultural tolerance have been rooted deep within Romanian society. However, there are stone pillars most people still respect and stick to.


Christianity is the main religion for Romanians, but other minor religions are also represented and respected.

Family values

Family bonds and attachment are the number one priority for most Romanians. They not only try to stick closely to one another, but they’re used to helping each other out, including financial support.


The Romanian cuisine includes the most delicious dishes from the bordering countries, upgrades them, and creates their own peculiar cuisine with Mici and Cozonac.

Final words

If you choose to seek marital luck in Romania, you need to realize that Romanian women pick online dating not out of desperation or financial interest. Most women found on dating websites are well-educated and require a husband to match them. When there are no local opportunities, Romanian ladies don’t mind an intricate adventure abroad. These ladies are beautiful and confident. You won’t buy their attention with cheap tricks. Only genuine interest and appreciation are in value here!

Vee Prince
Vee Prince is an Atlanta-based dating coach specializing in online dating. Read her posts and guides to stay in touch with the latest trend in the world of international romance and courtship.
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