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What is online dating?

Online dating is something that we hear of quite frequently in this day and age. It’s not really surprising as the dawn of the Internet has allowed almost everything to be possible via the high-speed transfer of data. But meeting a total stranger and falling head over heels with the help of the world wide web? That would seem a stretch if you’re not familiar with the workings of online dating.

Online dating is essentially the action of signing up to a platform specifically built to match lonely singles with each other. This is done with hopes of gaining a person willing to enter a mutually beneficial relationship with you. The popularity of online dating sites has been booming in recent years. And this phenomenon has birthed so many dating sites on the Internet that one can barely keep track of them anymore.

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However, such platforms are not restricted to the conventional heterosexual relationship. Those with homosexual preferences will be able to find niche sites, dedicated to the gay and lesbian populace. There is also quite a selection for those looking for one-time-only satisfaction, even a short stint at love and lust. And for those in their golden age, still seeking to add a bit of love and luster into their last years, genarian dating sites are also popping up in substantial numbers.

Why to date online?

There is always the lingering question, why should we date online. The answer is fairly simple, it’s just more convenient and simple for everyone. With online dating, you can look through your potential matches on your commute or in your free time. You will also have full control over the matches that you receive and choose, unlike if you’re in a bar. Essentially, you would have more quality potential partners in a short time, all at your fingertips.

The other main reason why people prefer to date online is the quality of the available options. With online dating, you will have to build an initiator relationship with the other person. This is where you get to know them, their likes and dislikes, their habits and such. You will then get a rough idea of how well they would match with your personality and taste in partners. This works as sort of a screening for your potential mate. And if you decide you don’t like them, there will always be more matches to choose from.

However, the main driver of online dating is the sense of safety and security that it offers. Most signups on dating sites are monitored closely by dedicated staff, reducing the chance of meeting with a scammer or cheater. Some dating sites even require submission of identification documentation before they are allowed to fully use the site. In addition to that, almost all dating sites come with encryption protection as a measure to safeguard user data. All these platforms have taken all the possible steps to ensure that your search for love will be a safe one.

Does dating online have risks?

Now that we’ve seen what online dating can do, we do wonder if it has some risks to it. As with most things out there, online dating does have its fair share of perils and pitfalls. However, most of these can be kept at bay if online dating site users remain vigilant and observant. Let’s have a look at the possible risks that come along with finding your soulmate on the Internet.

Potential scams

Of course not everyone who gets on a dating site has good intentions. A handful of people on some of these websites are waiting to prey on the weak and gullible, especially in terms of money. Many, exclusively women have been extorted for cash by so-called “lovers” who only have money on their minds. Such incidents can be avoided by being extra wary about the information your match chooses to find out about you. If they start asking about cash and how much you earn in the first meeting, better run for the hills.

Personal safety risk

As sweet and respectful a match may be on a dating site, you won’t know their true intentions until you meet them for the first time. It is usually advisable to get to know your online love interest for at least 3 to 6 months before deciding to have a meetup. And before that, always corroborate their story. It won’t hurt to run a quick background check on them. Also, always have self-defense tools. It’s never a loss to be well-prepared for things to take a trip downhill.

Health impairments

Believe it or not, your online lover can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health. Lots of people who date online meet controlling and narcissistic personalities. And if they are not strong enough mentally, they may become trapped in a very unhealthy relationship. People you meet online can also wreak havoc on your physical health. If they change partners frequently and are not big fans of protective measures, you can be exposed to the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

How to choose online dating sites?

Choosing an online dating site that works for you is just as good as looking for a needle in a haystack. The amount of work and effort required is tremendous, not to mention lengthy and tiring. However, there are a few hacks to get around the draining process of sifting through the millions of dating sites available on the web. Here are some of them

Read reviews

The quickest way to get through the extensive number of dating sites available on the Internet is to read reviews written about them. Reviews are condensed articles about the features offered, fee structures, demographics, activity, and many other crucial details about a dating site. Dating site reviews also help you to compare between different sites to see which one fits the bill of what you have in mind. Be sure to always check out the latest reviews of a site in order to get the most recent information.

Select a niche

Within the vast plains of online dating, there are niche dating sites that offer dating services to a selected portion of the community. Niche dating sites can include genarian dating, sugar dating, religious dating, and many more. If you can narrow down your preferences and match them to a suitable niche site, you will be more likely to find the man or woman of your dreams in a much shorter time. Otherwise, you may spend years swiping left and right, without much luck at all.

Determine an online dating budget

Getting on online dating sites can incur a bit of a cost, but this amount has the potential to skyrocket further. This is especially true in cases where even the essential features require credits or a subscription. Always take note of how much your dating site membership is going to cost you each month and see if its feasible. Make it a point to get the most out of your dating site account, so the more free features, the better.

Use multiple services

Try as you might but nothing is a better teacher than experience. Sign-up on a few different online dating sites to see what they have to offer. From there, draw up a simple pros and cons for each of them so that you can easily see what sets them apart from one another. Always make sure to include any costs as well, as this also helps when making a final decision. In summary, the lesser you pay the better. But, do also factor in activity and the number of successful matches. Don’t want to lose sight of the goal, do we?

Pros and cons of online dating


  • Meeting people from all parts of the world
  • Simple to use, convenient and practical
  • Comparatively cheaper costs
  • Many match options
  • Speak to more than one potential match at a time
  • Personalized matches are sent every day
  • Most features are at no cost
  • Many potential choices can be found in a single place


  • Some services exclusively for paying customers
  • A handful of dating sites restrict membership by region
  • There is a risk of scams and extortionists
  • Online dating sites have a huge number of members
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