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Dominant Members Age 45 - 54
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 45%
Price $3.6
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Do you love Asian women? Can`t find one for the life of you at home? Let do the heavy lifting. You`ll find the perfect girlfriend here, quicker than ever. Don`t know how to use the site? Let`s talk you through it!


  • Website design makes browsing pleasing
  • You can talk to multiple users at once


  • The website is paid for the most part.
  • There are no free trials

Is it easy to register on LoverWhirl?

Making an account on LoverWhirl is easy as pie. The first page you see when you open up the site asks for the details required to make an account here. Fill it out, and click “Register”. The next page has you filling out a questionnaire to determine the best partner for you. Once that`s done, you`re on to create your profile. Fill it out with all the details about yourself you`re comfortable sharing, and remember to add some pictures of yourself. You want this page to be enticing enough to have ladies messaging you.

Is LoverWhirl accessible and easy to use? excelled in creating a website that is user-friendly. This is proved by the numerous profiles you`ll see active every day. Whether it`s registration, searching through profiles, messaging or even deactivating your account, LoverWhirl has done their best to make everything clear as a day in how simple it is to carry out. The visual aesthetic is pleasing too, having gone for a classy design.

Is it worth purchasing credits on

Purchasing credits opens the doors to the entirety of the site to you. Sure you can view profiles and create an account for free, but here`s all the things you can`t do for free:

  • Requesting contact information of users
  • Sending private messages
  • Requesting to meet in real life
  • Using the online gift store to send flowers and chocolates to girls
  • Access to users` private pictures and videos

How LoverWhirl provides paid services?

On, you purchase a membership using money. You have to buy credits which come in packages. You can use these credits to purchase services from the website, such as texting users and setting up real life dates. The benefit of credits over monthly subscriptions is that you only have to buy credits when you need it, instead of paying for a monthly subscription and not needing it. Here are the credit packages available right now:

  • 20 credits– $2.99 on first payment, $9.99 thereafter
  • 50 credits– $19.99
  • 125 credits– $44.99
  • 250 credits– $69.99
  • 750 credits– $149.99

How can you interact with users?

You can`t make someone fall for you with just online texting. LoverWhirl addresses this issue by giving users a plethora of ways to communicate with each other. Here they are:

  • Chatting. Tried and tested, this is the one thing you`ll see in any dating site. has a simple chat box with the ability to send texts, photos and even videos.
  • Sending winks. This is a great way to indicate to someone that they`ve caught your eye. This gives them the chance to approach you first, so you don`t come off as too straightforward or overbearing.
  • Online gift shop. What better way to tell someone you like them than by buying them real gifts? Women love bouquets of roses and some chocolates. LoverWhirl has an incorporated a gift shop to the platform which allows you to directly purchase and send gifts to girls.
  • Favorites. See a girl you fancy, but don`t have any credits left to send a message or a wink? Add her to your favorites, so you won`t lose her profile. Favoriting ladies for free enables you to message them when you replenish your account.
  • Setting up an in real life date. If you get yourself verified on LoverWhirl, you can ask girls to meet up. Granted, this is a bit expensive, but possible meeting after long-distance communication is a great option, agree?

How can I find users I like on LoverWhirl?

Without a good search function, you wouldn`t stand at finding your perfect girl. You`d have to sift through different girls who aren`t your type, before coming across one who is. The search functions on help make life easier. There are 3 types of search options on LoverWhirl:

  • General search. This allows you to find users by searching for their age group or online status.
  • Extended search. This is essentially an advanced search option. Here, you can use filters such as country, city, height, education, occupation, marital status, and even parental status to find your dream girlfriend.
  • Member ID. Ever found someone you liked, but then your computer glitched out, and you lost her profile? If you can remember her Member ID, type it into the ID search box. This will take you directly to her profile.

Is LoverWhirl accessible on mobile devices?

While doesn`t have a mobile app, it has a well optimized mobile website. It can do everything the desktop website can do – text girls, send winks, buy gifts, browse profiles, and more. It seems that the mobile website is so well-made that LoverWhirl doesn`t need a dedicated app to compete.

What`s the final opinion on LoverWhirl?

If you`re a man looking for an Asian girlfriend, or vice versa, you`ll find plenty of them here. It doesn`t matter how computer-literate you are, this site is made for you. It`s easy to use, and they`ve streamlined it so there`s nothing getting in the way of you finding the perfect girl.


Why can`t I send a message to a user?

One of the main reasons for being unable to send a message to a user is usually insufficient credit balance. Other reasons may be the user has enabled the chat function for only when they`re online. If this still doesn`t fix your problem, ensure that your message has at least 150 characters and less than 3500.

How do I change my password if I forgot it?

Firstly, check if your email address and password are correct. Remember that copying and pasting your password doesn`t let you log in to the website. If this doesn`t work, click the “Forgot Password” button, and a link will be sent to your email to reset your password. You can change your password at any time by clicking on the portrait icon on the top right of the screen after you`ve logged in. Select “Account Settings” from the menu. Now, you can change your password.

How can I block someone?

In order to block someone, go to their profile. Tap on the “More” button. Select “Block User” and click “Yes”. If you want to unblock someone, you need to enter their ID number using the extended search option, and click on the “Unblock User” button. If you can`t find the member`s ID number, go to your messages page. Enter their name, click on their picture and select “Unblock user”.

How do I fix being charged the wrong amount?

If you were overcharged, provide proof such as an SMS confirmation of successful payment, screenshot of the internet bank page and specify the amount of money transferred and payment method. This will be reviewed, and the funds will be returned if you were overcharged. Try not to do chargebacks without speaking to the support team to resolve the problem first.

Why was my account blocked?

Your account can be blocked for several reasons. The main ones are chargeback by your bank, fraudulent activity, inappropriate content or behavior on the platform and suspicious activity. If you think there was an error, contact customer support to have the issue rectified.

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