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‌LoveFort International Dating Service Review


Dominant Members Age 45 - 54
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LoveFort online dating platform is what the doctor ordered if you moon over Colombian girls. The site is a choice of thousands of people who believe online dating is an effective, fast, safe, and exciting way to meet someone who`ll share your worldview. Why do daters choose it? The space is pleasant to surf and offers many online dating options. Find everything you need to know about the website in the LoveFort review below.


  • Great variety of interaction tools
  • Lots of quality accounts
  • Validated profiles
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Attractive and competitive price
  • Extend search


  • Few free services
  • Just a few photos in some profiles

Main features on LoveFort

‌There are basic but very important features every dating site should have. Here`s what LoveFort offers to its customers:

  • Easy registration process. It takes about 3-5 minutes and allows to carefully put together a detailed dating profile. As a result, all users can know more about each other even before the first chat.
  • A big database of profiles. All in all, membership numbers tell you if it`s even worth it. Luckily, LoveFort offers you enough ladies profiles to connect with.
  • Viewing accounts. Of course, every registered user can visit others` pages, read bios, and enjoy a huge number of nice photos.

Advanced features

‌The site`s team watches out for its members, their comfort, effective and rewarding communication. That`s why they`ve designed features that come handy in the online dating journey. Here`s what you can do:

  • Making a request for a member`s personal contact details. If you`re into someone, spend a lot of time chatting with them and now want to get even closer, LoveFort will help you to get the contacts!
  • Making a request for a meeting. Don`t want to limit yourself with the online world? Want to meet someone in person? That`s also possible! The site helps you do it the best way.
  • Profile videos. Entertain yourself watching beautiful Comombian girls` videos on their personal accounts. They shoot them to show how beautiful and charming they are. Don`t miss it!
  • Real presents. Who would resist a man who showers his girl with gifts? Choose among flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, bags, etc. in the site`s catalog and your lady will get it in the soonest of time.

Communication on Love Fort

Communication is usually the first thing users come to dating sites for. That`s why it`s crucial an online platform to have quality and effective methods for members to contact each other. Here`s what LoveFort offers.

Live chats

This is the easiest way to communicate nowadays. Firstly, it`s convenient. Anytime, anywhere you can contact anyone you want. Secondly, it`s really fast. Once you start a conversation, you get responses in a second. Enjoy a real-time talk even when you`re thousands kilometers apart!


It`s another, very different but not less effective way to interact with members. If you`re one of those who prefer to take time, think what to say, and share ideas accurately, choose emailing. You`ll probably get as meaningful and explicit response. Benefit from it!

Ease of use

What is important for you when using a site? Probably, you often don`t know what you like about the online dating platform but it`s just so user-friendly that you have no issues navigating it. LoveFort is one of such dating sites. Here`s why:

  1. The design is modern and minimalistic.
  2. The navigation is clear, everything is logically organized.
  3. It works perfectly well on all gadgets.
  4. It functions on a variety of browsers.
  5. It`s maintained by a team 24/7.

Search on LoveFort

The platform has a modern search engine which enables users to either narrow the profile database by certain criteria or browse a broad range of members. Users can try:

  • General Search. It`s a fast method to look for members by their age and online status.
  • Advanced Search. Be picky and choose members by certain criteria: country, city, marital and parental status, education, occupation, etc.
  • Member ID Search. In case you know members` ID and want to meet them online on LoveFort, just enter it in the relevant search box.

Pricing on LoveFort

There are a few free services, but the majority of features are fee-based, so users need to purchase credits. For example, the first payment for 20 credits is $2.99. The second and next payments are $9.99. Also, you can acquire one of the following packages:

  • $19.99 — 50 credits
  • $44.99 — 125 credits
  • $69.99 — 250 credits
  • $149.99 — 750 credits

What features are provided to free members?

Registration is free on LoveFort online dating platform. Also, it`s chargless to browse the site, visit profiles, watch photo galleries, and read the user`s personal information. A great bonus for free members — welcome package of 20 credits.

What features are provided to premium members?

Users who buy credits are able to try all the services provided by the site:

  • Chats and emails.
  • Profile videos.
  • Photo comments.
  • Chat and mail photos.
  • Attachments in mails.
  • Real gifts.


LoveFort online dating platform helps singles to find dates and add charm to life. Excellent 24/7 customer care, lots of interaction tools, huge profile database, and user-friendly interface are just a few advantages of this service. But to ensure the site suits you and corresponds your purposes, better register and see everything yourself.


What is LoveFort dating site for?

LoveFort strives to be a place connecting people from all over the world. They offer limitless opportunities to meet new people, find dates, flirt, and have fun! You can do all that right after the registration. Lots of features, effective search engine, and a huge number of personal accounts will make your online dating experience exciting and rewarding.

Is LoveFort site safe for members?

There`s an ID confirmation procedure on the platform. Also, every member can report abuse and get an issue resolved by a team. But the site still appeals to their members to stick to common-sense rules, never send money to anyone and in no case share personal information.

What is the customer support of the LoveFort website?

LoveFort client team is a group of people working 24/7 to ensure you`re safe and satisfied with the services. Contact them anytime with any problem you might have and get it solved as soon as possible.

Are there quality profiles on LoveFort site?

Yes, there are lots of validated, informative, and quality accounts on the site. They have many photos and detailed bios. The site encourages users to make their accounts as descriptive as possible. You can also pass an ID confirmation procedure to be more trusted by others on the platform.

How can you earn credits to use on the LoveFort site?

You can get 20 free credits in case you`e a newly registered member. Once you`re transferred to the main page after signing in, there`s a “Get welcome package” button on the right. Click it and, you`ll get your credits in a minute. After you`ve run out of them, purchase credits using your credit or debit card.

What are the different communication modes on the LoveFort site?

There are 2 major ways to communicate on LoveFort online dating platform: mails and chats. Use the first method when you want to write a lengthy letter, telling a long story or expressing opinion on any subject. Use the second way to have a real-time talk no matter what it`s about.

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