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True love knows no boundaries. That’s the statement written in stone. However, together with the perks of the modern world, dangers, and utter disappointments lurking around. Especially when it involves online dating. It’s easier than easy to find a promised mail order bride, but how to ensure that your expectations are fulfilled?

Korean brides prevail online due to their exotic origin and cultural background. Nevertheless, diving into a romantic adventure with a Korean aftertaste is safe if you bring your cultural knowledge into the play. It’s time to cover the basics, which will keep you out of trouble!

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South Korean mail order brides or North Korean brides? Appearance

In case you’re interested in beautiful Korean women, it’s vital to distinguish between South and North Korea. It’s not like there are utter physiological peculiarities that would divide the two. However, there are peculiar behavior types and mindsets that divide them. In terms of appearance, ladies from both countries feature marble skin, deep dark eyes, and mesmerizing raven-black locks. Another vital characteristic of Korean ladies is their fragile and slim figures.

National peculiarities of Korean mail order wives

It’s challenging to say that all mail order Korean brides are born and raised to be identical. Nevertheless, the genes are claiming what’s nationally theirs. That’s unstoppable energy, incredible learning speed, and a bit of aggression if the situation is getting out of hand. To put it simply, Korean ladies can be very different depending upon the conditions they’re placed under. One thing remains – you’ll never be bored with an exotic and hot wife like that!

Cultural characteristics to embrace when considering Korean girls for marriage

Oriental cultures are very peculiar, and they differ significantly from that of Western beliefs. Usually, the differences are the following:

  • Religion
  • Family values
  • Traditions
  • Cuisine

When you decide to find yourself a Korean wife, religion may be the one issue that bothers you most. However, unlike other nationalities, Korean people are incredibly open and spiritual. Thus, whether it’s Buddhism, Christianity, or any other spiritual beliefs that you share, the chances are that you’ll find some common ground. Religion won’t be a separative factor in your relationship.

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Family values

One thing you should be aware of is the patriarchal social system that Korean women are raised under. Even though times are changing at the speed of light, single Korean girls are seeking a partner to support them and take proper care of the future family.

What you should expect to get in return is a well-tended family, a well-cared-for household, and an attentive and supportive wife you can always count on. Korean women are brought up in a conservative environment, but they’re never too pushy, no matter the issue. If she knows you’re not ready to start a family – she won’t persist.


Depending on the family the girl comes from, she’ll carry a specific traditional background. So, usually, foreign men are acquainted with Oriental traditions as their relationship develops. There’s nothing out of the ordinary to expect, except for 2 birthdays a year and lots of relatives in your house when the holiday season comes. But that’s a tolerable notion, don’t you think?


Should you choose to find yourself a Korean girlfriend, you should be ready to devour tons of rice and veggies yearly. There’s room for seafood and meat, but all come in moderation. Maybe ordering occasional pizza is okay with some of the modern Korean ladies, but for the most part, they try to avoid Western junk food as much as possible. Look how slim and tender they are!

Whom does an average Korean mail order bride represent?

Some people find it challenging to tell Korean ladies from Japanese dames, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of until you tie the knot. You should imagine Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho as your guiding female representative of Korean culture for a better perspective.

Final words

All in all, Korean ladies are born and raised to be perfect wives. What makes them even more attractive for foreign men is their petite figures, gentle smiles, and deep loving eyes you can drown in. They’re utterly caring and loyal. You should consider a Korean bride when you’re settled to find that one and only beauty to spend eternity with!

Vee Prince
Vee Prince is an Atlanta-based dating coach specializing in online dating. Read her posts and guides to stay in touch with the latest trend in the world of international romance and courtship.
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