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Dominant Members Age 25-35
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 25%
Price $3.6
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JollyRomance is an international dating platform which specializes in connecting men around the globe with Eastern European ladies. These gorgeous damsels finally have a site which commits to making matches for them, and you want in on this. This review will show you everything you need to know about JollyRomance.


  • The website a beautiful and simple design.
  • Credit packages are reasonably priced.


  • Many of the Russian and Ukrainian women don`t know English.
  • You have to pay to interact with other users.

How do you create an account on JollyRomance?

The first time you enter the website, you`ll receive a prompt to create an account. You can`t enter the website without one, so enter all the required credentials. The next page will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire which will help determine what kind of woman would be best for you.

Is easy to use?

The staff at JollyRomance made sure the website would be great in terms of accessibility. The platform was streamlined by stripping irrelevant features. Other sites tack many features on for the sake of it, with no regard whether they`re useful or not. Besides usage, the website is also pleasing to look at.

What can a paid account on JollyRomance do?

Keep in mind that paid accounts are not a thing in JollyRomance. Users start with a free account, and must purchase credits to use the services provided. Here`s what you can do using credits on JollyRomance:

  • Send messages to other users
  • Access private photo and video libraries of users
  • Request contact information of the people you`re talking to
  • Request to set up an in real life date

Does JollyRomance have a monthly subscriptions service?

JollyRomance opted to use credits instead of monthly subscriptions for payment. They found that monthly payments would be unnecessary unless a user wanted to be on the platform every day. By using credits, users can choose to pay only as much as they need. This way, they save more money, and still get to use the site. Here are the credit packages currently available:

  • 20 credits– $2.99 on first payment, $9.99 thereafter
  • 50 credits– $19.99
  • 125 credits– $44.99
  • 250 credits– $69.99
  • 750 credits– $149.99

How can you interact with users?

User interaction is fleshed out well on Here`s the many ways you can do it:

  • A standard chat box through which you can text, send pictures and GIFs.
  • Winks, with which you can playfully tell a person you`re into them.
  • Favorites, to save a profile, so you can text them later.
  • Setting up requests to meet in real life for a date

What makes stand out from its competitors?

JollyRomance goes out of its way to make sure its users get the best services.

  • Face feature. You can browse through a number of photos of different users, and opt to “like” or “skip”. If you like someone who likes you back, the chat will start.
  • Request to meet. If you feel like you have chemistry with someone and want to meet, you can request such an option. It`ll cost credits, but this is your opportunity to finally meet the person you`ve been talking to.
  • Request for contact information. If you want to talk to a user off of JollyRomance, you can request their contact information. This also costs credits, but if they agree to it, this might become an extra way to communicate.

Is the search function on any good?

A dating site would be no good if you didn`t have a way to find the right girl for you. JollyRomance makes sure you can easily find your perfect Eastern European girlfriend using three types of search functions.

  • General Search. This is the most basic search form available, as the search is limited to distinguishing between just the age group and online status.
  • Extended Search. This is a much more in-depth search. It can filter users by country, city, height, education, occupation, marital status and even number of children. This is the best way to find the girl you`ve dreamt of.
  • Member ID. Albeit not a surefire method, you can use a person`s member ID to find them after you lose their account. The only downside is that Member IDs are hard to memorize.

Does JollyRomance have a mobile app? doesn`t have a mobile app. It compensates for this by ensuring the mobile version of the site is well-optimized.

What`s the final opinion on JollyRomance?

Slavic women truly are a beauty, and JollyRomance helps connect them with men around the world. They make it as streamlined as possible, by cutting out unnecessary bloat from the website. This means everything you see on the site are things you will use. It makes the experience pleasant. Finding an Eastern European online girlfriend has never been so easy.


What is recurring payments and how do I enable it?

Recurring payments refills your account balance when it goes to 5 credits or less. This ensures you never run out of credits while you`re using the service. You`re able to opt into this feature when you make your first purchase. You can enable or disable this on the payment window when you`re selecting a package to purchase. Select the credits tab and click on the “buy more credits” button. Click on the checkbox to enable/disable recurring payments. You can also do this at the bottom of the “profile settings” page. Click on the arrow pointing to the bottom of the screen next to the portrait icon. Select the “My Profile Settings” option. You`ll find an option to enable or disable recurring payments at the bottom of the page.

Why isn`t the meeting request form working?

If you attempted to submit a meeting request form, and it isn`t working, your account balance may be below 625 credits. Other reasons can be you either entered a phone number without the appropriate country code, or you didn`t choose the correct date in the meeting request form. The meeting must have dates less than two weeks from the submission of the request.

I forgot my password. Can I change it?

Firstly, check if your email address and password are correct. Remember that copying and pasting your password won`t let you log in to the website. If this doesn`t work, click the “Forgot Password” button, and a link will be sent to your email to reset your password. You can change your password at any time by clicking on the portrait icon on the top right of the screen after you`ve logged in. Select “Account Settings” from the menu. Now, you can change your password.

How do I send a photo in chat?

Open the message box of the user you wish to send the picture to. Click on the “Send Photo” button below the text box. This will open a prompt asking you to select the picture you wish to send them. The photo must not be greater than 7 MB, and it must not be smaller than 333 by 333 pixels.

How do I fix being charged the wrong amount?

If you were overcharged, provide proof such as an SMS confirmation of successful payment, screenshot of the internet bank page and specify the amount of money transferred and payment method. This will be reviewed, and the funds will be returned if you were overcharged. Try not to do chargebacks without speaking to the support team to resolve the problem first.

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