How To Get A Japanese Mail Order Girlfriend Among Japanese Mail Brides

Japan is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world with progressive, sophisticated, and well-educated women. No wonder so many foreigners want to meet and marry a mail order Japanese bride! Fashionable clothes, higher education, lots of unique skills and virtues every man would fall for. Still, not every guy appreciates that, hence, lots of Japanese women seek happiness with a man from different countries and regions. So, it`s your chance to win the girl of your dreams and become the luckiest man alive. But what should you know about them before you start searching for a perfect girl? What are they into and where to find Japanese mail order wives? This guide will answer all your questions on Japanese mail order brides and how to make a great first impression on such powerful and independent women!

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What kind of family you can get with a Japanese mail order bride?

In Japan, males are traditionally the breadwinners, while females are responsible for household finances, raising children, and caring for the extended family. You can expect that your beloved won`t fight for leadership, allowing you to be the head of the family. But she doesn`t forget about her self-development though. Today, you can notice an increasing number of married females in Japan who work outside the home or often do part-time jobs. But be sure, she finds a time for everything.

Features making Japanese brides ideal for marriage

Impressive look

Females from this country gained enormous popularity among foreign guys due to their natural beauty. They tend to have a light skin tone, silky dark hair, big eyes, and cute faces. The natural beauty of these ladies is one of the attractive traits that makes them so desirable. Binding life with one of the Japanese pretty women, you get a spouse who stays young and buoyant for a long time. Even older females stay skinny and attractive. Moreover, this country has the lowest percentage of obese girls.

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Perfect manners

Your future girlfriend was taught to show ideal manners everywhere. You can notice her special charm in the way she walks, speaks, wears, and even eats. Besides, if you plan to visit your beloved, learn how to use chopsticks. Never stab or cut food with your chopsticks, or stick them upright in your dish. Local females consider it inappropriate. Putting your chopsticks upright in rice Japanese people associate with funeral traditions. When you`re done eating, just place your chopsticks in front of you, with the tips facing to the left. All these little things are important for Japanese ladies.

Favorite activities of Japanese mail order wives

They regularly visit onsens

Onsens or hot spring baths are very popular among Japan females. They can be indoor or outdoor, sex-disaggregated or common. Many girls visit them because they believe that minerals have a positive impact on health and the mind. If you would like to try it out with your foreign beloved and wonder how hygienic it is, be sure, everyone takes a bath before onsen. When you manage the trip to your girlfriend, don`t forget to go to the Gero Onsen that is located in the mountainous Gifu region, and Kusatsu Onsen that is high up on the mountains of the Gunma. Here you`ll get a piece of body and mind, chilling with your Japanese bride.

They like having fun

Almost all local girls adore singing in karaoke, as it`s the most popular entertainment in this part of the world. The word “karaoke” is a portmanteau of the Japanese word kara (空), which means “empty,” and oke (オケ), a shortened form of the English word “orchestra” (オーケストラ). This activity is often connected with nightlife, so you can notice many young ladies in karaoke joints in clubs, restaurants, or bars. Also, there is a sign “karaoke” in bars where you can sing in front of strangers.

If you want to arrive in Japan to meet your beloved and show your signing skills, move to Tokyo. There are numerous karaoke venues often situated nearby train stations. Choose a Pasela Resorts (パセラリゾーツ), in a few steps from Shinjuku Eastside Square. The atmosphere of this venue brings a feeling you`re chilling in Bali. Also, visit Shibuya`s Karaoke Rainbow (カラオケレインボー), that`s on the 6th floor of the MODI Building in Shibuya City. Enjoy a wonderful time singing with your Japanese mail order wife in New York-inspired rooms.

She prefers dishes with a fish

Fish is one of the most popular ingredients in Japanese cuisine, so you can expect your spouse will prepare dishes with it. Many years ago, this product was the key to survival in her country. The average local citizen consumes 70 kg of fish a year. Consider your bride`s preferences while choosing a restaurant for a date or ask her to show the best ones to her taste.

Where to find Japanese brides marriage

Today the best option for every foreigner who wants to find a Japanese girl looking for marriage is a mail-order bride service. There are numerous dating websites with effective communication tools and a huge catalog of single females from this country gathered in one place. They allow forgetting about cultural and language differences, focusing only on dating and chatting. You have an opportunity to meet an ideal lady to your taste just sitting at home by completing the next steps:

  • Choose and join a reliable website
  • Fill in your profile
  • Be active on site and buy prime services
  • Apply search and interaction facilities

Japanese pretty women are so desired among foreigners. They combine traditional values and modern views, becoming carrying spouses and attentive mothers. With such a partner, your life will never be boring, because she enjoys every single moment with you! Isn`t this what you need?

Dating a mail order bride from Japan: top tips for every Japanese wife finder

Time to pursue the lifelong dream and go on a date with a great girl from Japan! What are the most essential things you should know about them? Below, you`ll find the best tips that will work for every Japanese mail order wife and help you become a great boyfriend for your ideal girl.

  • Don`t wait until she calls you. Any Japanese mail order girlfriend you date will never text or call you first ever. Don`t take it personally and don`t think that`s because she doesn`t like you. It`s a common thing for many Asian brides. It works as an indicator to see a guy is serious about a woman and he won`t mind always being the first one to call. If you really like a Japanese lady, this will take a lot of courage and patience.
  • Cook for your girl. No secret that every Japanese mail order bride loves cooking, but still, eating is even a bigger passion. Especially when food is cooked and served by someone special like you. You don`t necessarily need to learn how to make sushi on the first date but try to impress her with your cooking skills. Ask what she likes and, even if something goes wrong, your girl will appreciate the effort and enjoy the food anyway. And yes, don`t get surprised when you hear your lady slurp ramen—it`s considered polite in Japan.
  • Take it slow. Japanese ladies don`t usually show how much they like a guy. Plus, they usually take quite a while to get intimate, even if they like you too much. For them, it`s a question of trust, and it`s a more traditional way of being in a serious relationship almost everyone in Japan got used to. Just accept the fact that you`ll have to wait until your girl is finally ready for the next step. Be sure that she likes you a lot anyway if she asks you to wait.
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