Single Indonesian Women: Cultural Facts And Peculiarities

The reasons why men struggle with finding their second halves are countless. Some blame the hectic lifestyle and shifts in values while the others are utterly dissatisfied with ladies from their native countries. No matter why you’re single, the Internet can help you solve the matter fast and with the most successful outcome.

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Even though Indonesia’s men/women ratio is pretty much equal, more and more single Indonesian women can be found on dating websites looking for foreign husbands-to-be. The financial background and desire to live a better life may drive those beautiful ladies toward you. However, before you embrace the exotic offer, there’s serious cultural research to carry. It’s time you learn some more about dating Indonesian women!

Appearance peculiarities of Indonesian women ready for marriage

Very often, men know only one thing about Indonesian ladies – they’re beautiful and exotic. However, it should be added that Indonesian brides represent a perfect mix of the following:

  • Korean traits
  • Arabic traits
  • Indian traits

The long glowing, tar-black or chestnut-brown locks, amber eyes, and tan skin are the main peculiarities of Indonesian wives. They’re also pretty small. 170 cm (5’7 feet) would be the rarest height among Indonesian women.

Nationality peculiarities of Indonesian mail order brides

First and foremost – you can’t approach an Indonesian lady on the street just like you would somewhere in the West. The traditions and strict religious beliefs forbid that. That’s why if women are seeking men outside Indonesia, the only way to find that out would be through a dating website.

On the brighter side, people from Indonesia are very loyal, polite, and respectful. Usually, Indonesian wives are praised for their devotedness and submission to the husband. Yet, unless you get officially married, it’s highly impossible to learn about the true nature of your Indonesian wife. It’s forbidden for men and women to live together unless they’re married. The times are changing, and the punishment is no longer as strict if a couple breaks the rules, yet many ladies obey them.

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Cultural characteristics of Indonesian brides found online

The most crucial fact about Indonesian culture is that there’s no separate cultural background – there’s a mixture of cultures represented in one.


No matter the type of Indonesian dating site you visit, it usually claims that Indonesian is all about Islam. However, that’s not true. There are 6 main religions that the people of Indonesia have adopted over the years. Islam is one of the most represented religions, but so are Catholicism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Generally, Indonesian people are highly spiritual, and if you see your wife praying a couple of times a day – you can do nothing about it but to accept.

Family values

Since Indonesia is one of the most traditional countries and family values are highly preserved and passed onto the next generations. The greater the household is – the better. Indonesian families love to live under one roof and move out only when it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why you should be ready to visit her relatives as many times a year as she feels like it.


If you like spicy and savory food – good for you. Indonesian cuisine is utterly different from that of American or European. Indonesian ladies are skilled at cooking their national dishes, but the amount of herbs and spices mixed may scare some people off.


Almost every Indonesian wife is skilled at something. Be it music, art, dancing, pottery, or even all in one. You should be willing to let her develop the artistic potential instead of shutting it down.

Final words

Even though Indonesian ladies tend to seek love outside the country, they’re not easily tempted by money. It’s best to refrain from showing off in front of her. Once you capture the heart of an Indonesian lady, you’ll find yourself a devoted and loyal wife, who may break a thing or two should she suspect you of having an affair, even an illusional one. However, all the wounds can be mended in the safety of your bedroom since Indonesian women are genuinely skilled at pleasing the man they love!

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