Top 10 Little-known But Sure-fire Things To Impress A Girl

Meeting ladies online seems easy and quick, but some girls don`t hurry to respond to men`s text messages if they aren`t interested in them. However, not all males have such a bright imagination and eloquence to impress women on online dating sites. Therefore, they look for new efficient approaches on how to make misses smile and encourage them to answer. Do you want to know the best way to impress a girl? These 10 tips can make your messages outstanding and help hook a babe rather quickly.

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Set yourself apart

There`s always severe competition for the hearts of true beauties, so it`s crucial to stand out in the crowd. Write a joke about yourself to sound humble but make her smile! Spark her curiosity, jeopardize her interest to prevent conclusions boring messages are sent only by boring guys.

Share impressive things about yourself

It can be a winning solution to tell one of your secrets or life stories to the woman you like. Girls are very emotional and appreciate moments when men aren`t ashamed to show their inner weakness. However, avoid boasting and expressing superiority since they can play a dirty trick with you.

Sound polite and avoid mistakes

Errors in the written text mean a person`s shallowness or no significance of the message sent. Therefore, check your sentences for spelling and grammar mistakes as well as avoid rude words not to spoil the first impression. Be a gentleman in your expressions!

Benefit from one of 3 popular approaches to the first message

Forget about traditional greetings used in everyday life. You should make the first message extraordinary so opt for one of the following themes for a start:

  • Introduce yourself mentioning your strengths but staying humble at the same time.
  • Start with the topic you`ve mentioned in your profile.
  • Tell a joke with a hidden sense.

Continue conversation even if there`s no response

Don`t give up if you haven`t received a response. Make another try in 12-24 hours to show your persistence and interest, and the outcome can be positive. Perhaps, she was just busy with work, so your second message will surely wake her up.

Look for interesting topics for communication

Getting an answer is the first step to success in online communication, but you need to work into a prolific conversation, and an interesting theme is a necessity. Why not try to discuss weird talents, the importance of body language, or what makes you shiver? These topics can make interaction warmer or even turn it hot!

Build a strategy of impressing a woman

The main benefit of texting is the absence of spontaneity characterizing real-life socializing. Therefore, every man can develop a plan on how to impact the girl behind the screen more effectively using different communication tools. Do you agree every woman will melt if she receives a message with a flower icon and soon it turns into a real bouquet from the same man delivered to her home?

Consider not only what to text but also when to do that

There are different opinions about the best time to send a message to a girl, but the majority of dating experts agree it`s evening time between 8 and 9 p.m. This is the time when people have rest after a hard-working day and can not only read but also respond to the message received.

Send different messages during the day

Impressing also means caring about a woman. Therefore, saying good morning or good night on a mail order bride website will add pluses to your aura. Furthermore, men should be interested in the girls they text to, so asking questions about their tastes, interests, preferences, and dreams is meaningful for women too.

Make the most of your sense of humor

Humor has always been one of the keys to happy and long-term relationships. Recent surveys come to the conclusion sharing a sense of what`s funny is crucial for a couple. If she considers your joke funny and agrees to respond to your message, probably, you`ll have a common future too.

Impressing online isn`t as difficult as it seems. It`s enough to switch on your creativity and imagination, as well as remember several of these tips, and a key to a woman`s heart is guaranteed.

Vee Prince
Vee Prince is an Atlanta-based dating coach specializing in online dating. Read her posts and guides to stay in touch with the latest trend in the world of international romance and courtship.
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