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Does EasternHoneys Excel At Connecting Eastern Women With Foreign Men?


Dominant Members Age 25 - 34
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 25%
Price $3.6
Our Overall Score

EasternHoneys does this well. Not only is the website a breeze to use, the sheer volume of users makes it easy to find women to talk and bond with. If you have had reservations about trying EasternHoneys, this review will help you figure things out.


  • You can arrange real dates through EasternHoneys.
  • The credit packages are reasonably priced.


  • There`s very little you can do for free on the site.
  • The lack of a mobile app is noticeable.

How do you sign up on EasternHoneys?

Signing up for EasternHoneys is straightforward. As soon as you open the website, you`ll see a box asking for the information required to create an account. Fill it out, click “Register”, and then answer the questionnaire you`re provided. This helps determine the kind of partner you`ll be compatible with. The next page is to create your own profile. Fill out details about yourself like where you live, your marital situation, work and so on. Remember to add a few pictures of yourself!

Is EasternHoneys easy to use?

This international dating platform has been simplified to navigating it easy, no matter how new you are to online dating. You won`t find yourself overwhelmed with different tabs and prompts. You can find FAQs in a tab at the bottom of the page, and they even have a platform tour which shows new users how the site works. Even creating an account happens as quick as snapping your fingers, so you don`t have to worry about getting bogged down.

What benefits do premium accounts get on EasternHoneys.com?

Every account is created for free. Still, users have the option to purchase credits at their discretion. These credits can then be exchanged for services on the platform. Here`s what you can do with credits:

  • Send personal messages to different users
  • Set up in real life dates
  • Purchase and send gifts through the online store

What kind of pricing scheme does EasternHoneys.com use?

Rather than paying for services directly, EasternHoney uses its own currency system in the form of “credits”. These credits can be purchased using a credit/debit card, which is then allotted to your account. The credits can then be used to purchase services on the website, such as the ability to send messages or buy gifts. The benefit of this is you don`t need to pay for a monthly subscription. Instead, you can buy just enough credits as you need, saving you money. Here are the current credit packages available:

  • 20 credits– $2.99 on first payment, $9.99 thereafter
  • 50 credits– $19.99
  • 125 credits– $44.99
  • 250 credits– $69.99
  • 750 credits– $149.99

How can you interact with users?

In any dating platform, this is the key part. The more effective user interaction is, the more users have fun with the platform. Here`s how EasternHoneys innovated in their sector:

  • Winks. You can wink at a user to let them know you`re interested. It`s subtle, it`s cute, and it often works.
  • The faces feature. In this feature, you can see various photos of a user. You can opt to “like” or “skip” the user based on their pictures. If you like them, and they like you back, you`ll be matched in chat together. Maybe it`s superficial, but that`s what online dating is all about.
  • Personal messaging. What dating site would be complete without DMs? You can message users you like, and even send them photos through the chat box.

What sets EasternHoneys apart from other dating sites?

This is what convinces you to pick EasternHoneys over other dating sites:

  • IRL Dates. When you`ve talked to a girl on the platform long enough and feel like you`ve established a rapport, you can ask to meet up in real life (IRL). This means real dates, real hugs, real kisses. Keep in mind you need to get your ID verified on the site before this is an option.
  • ID Verification. ID verification helps authenticate users, and makes them eligible to set up real dates. The users can rest easy when they`re talking to verified people.
  • IRL Gifts. Through the online gift shop provided on the website, you can purchase gifts like bouquets of flowers or chocolates for a woman. These real gifts will then be sent by the website agents to the woman, and she will know it`s from you.

Can I search for different kinds of people on EasternHoneys?

EasternHoneys has a search system which uses filters to find the partner you want. Different search parameters like age and ethnicity could be used. The only downside was that these filters couldn`t be saved, and had to be reset each time you want to make a search.

Is there a EasternHoneys app?

You cannot download a dedicated app for EasternHoneys, but the mobile version of the website is well-made. It works well enough and there`s no need for a dedicated app. Everything you can do on the desktop site can be done through the mobile one. You can even access the desktop version of the site at the bottom of the page on your mobile phone.

What are the final thoughts on EasternHoneys?

EasternHoneys is an innovative international dating platform. They cater to a niche – connecting men with Eastern women. EasternHoneys platform has risen through the ranks by providing the best services for its customers. As far as finding an Eastern Honey goes, this is a great spot to start.


What is ID verification?

ID verification is done on EasternHoneys if you wish to request contact information of other users on the site, or to set up dates with them. To initiate ID verification, click on the portrait icon in the top right corner of your screen. Select “ID confirmation” from that menu. Open the “ID Confirmation” form and follow the steps provided.

How can I report a user on EasternHoneys?

If a user is harassing you, click on the “Report Abuse” button on their page. To be further involved, contact EasternHoney`s customer support with the reason you reported them and the ID of their profile. Remember to include the time and date as well as any screenshots, inappropriate photos, receipts and so on.

How do I send a photo in chat?

Open the message box of the user you wish to send the picture to. Click on the “Send Photo” button below the text box. This will open a prompt asking you to select the picture you wish to send them. The photo must not be greater than 7 MB, and it must not be smaller than 333 by 333 pixels.

I accidentally purchased the wrong present. Can I fix it?

If your order hasn`t yet been sent, it`ll be reverted. If you accidentally duplicate orders, the website will inform you immediately. Once you send a gift to the wrong user, or you want to change your order, contact customer support as quickly as possible, so they may assist you.

Why can`t I submit a meeting request form?

If you attempted to submit a meeting request form, and it isn`t working, our account balance may be below 625 credits. Other reasons can be you either entered a phone number without the appropriate country code, or you didn`t choose the correct date in the meeting request form. Please keep in mind that the meeting must have dates less than two weeks from the submission of the request.

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