Colombian Mail Order Wives: Factors To Consider Before Marriage

Many men dream about hot Colombian girls. Are they in your fantasies too? Well, no wonder. Have you ever seen Sofia Vergara? Hot, right? There are lots of ladies like that on dating websites. And they`re ready to meet and date foreigners like you! Your mail order bride from Colombia is waiting!

Features of a true Colombian mail order wife

These ladies are irresistible, and that is why.

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Passionate in everything

Yes, Colombian brides are passionate in love, but they`re not less passionate in arguments. Smashing the plate on the wall might be a frequent case in your house if you don`t listen to your Colombian woman. No less passion they demonstrate at work and hobbies. There`s always 100% presence in everything Colombian lady does.


Showing emotions in public is a normal thing for Colombians. They`re not shy to french kiss their partners, cry because of despair, or laugh loudly because of a good joke. If you`re not into holding hands on the street or hugging, you`ll have to learn how to do that. Colombians are all about feelings, and they never store them inside.


Maybe that`s the reason why all foreigners feel so good in Colombia? Locals greet everyone with a smile and this creates a positive atmosphere around them. Seeing a smile of your Colombian mail order wife for the first time you`ll be charmed.

Why Colombian become mail order brides?

  • Dangerous life. Colombia isn`t considered the safest place in the world with its crime rate. There are about 25.4 homicides per 100K inhabitants. This conditions makes local ladies to search for better and safer environment to create a family.
  • Unfavorable sex ratio. There are near 930K fewer males than women in Colombia. Many single Colombian girls just won`t ever find a partner! That`s why they take the destiny in their own hands and broaden the horizons.
  • Gender inequality. Though Colombia demonstrates a better level of equality now, there are still huge gaps in many spheres. According to the fresh data, near 24% of women are less likely to have equal social opportunities (compared to men). Colombian ladies look for a respectful attitude in a more Westernized countries.
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Best tips for dating mail order brides in Colombia

‌To meet Colombian mail order brides online is just half the battle. Dating and courting them is what requires some knowledge and effort. Learn the recommendations below to succeed in your international relationships.‌

Watch what you say

Colombian single girls are emotional and passionate. If they don`t like something, they can blow up. Well, these ladies can similarly explode with emotions (but positive ones) when they`re experiencing some nice feelings. In a word, you have to be ready for all possible reactions. So the tip is: mince your words. How to talk to your Latino girlfriend? Firstly, treat her as an equal, don`t be arrogant. Second, never let her even think you consider yourself superior or, in some way, better. Finally, learn some Spanish! Well, at least some words and basic everyday phrases. Give her compliments in Spanish and call her bella. She`ll love it.

Be romantic

If you want to successfully buy a Colombian mail order bride, you`ll have to show some romantic gestures. For example, it`s always a great idea to learn to dance salsa. By the way, local girls don`t even go to Salsa classes to learn all the steps and figures. They do it naturally. If you don`t, practice and ask her out to dance! Another example is a romantic trip. Even for a weekend. You know, Colombian men are quite romantic, so there`s a competition. Come up with interesting date ideas.

Peculiarities of dating a Colombian mail order bride

‌One thing that distinguishes Colombian dating from Western is that you get not only a girl, but lots of her friends and relatives. Here`s what it means.‌

  • Families. It`s totally fine in Colombia to invite a boyfriend home, so he can get acquainted with the whole family. You might meet not only parents, but siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or who knows who else. Family values are very strong in Colombian culture.
  • Friends. The situation is similar with friends. Their opinion is very important and your mail order bride in Colombia will certainly hold by what they say. Try to make your best impression and demonstrate you`re a good guy.
  • Mothers. Finally, maybe the most important person in the life of every single Colombian girl is her mother. Daughters share all the secrets with them. Just be ready—your future mother-in-law is going to be quite involved in your relationship. But anyway, she`ll love you if she sees you`re a worthy man.

Facts about life with mail order brides Colombian

‌What`s going to change once you start dating one of the Colombian women for marriage? Here are a few examples.‌

  • Best coffee. Your Colombian mail order bride is going to cook only the best coffee for you. Her country is world-famous for being the largest exporter of coffee.
  • A gay friend. Yeah, she`ll likely have one. Local women are very tolerant and believe that love has no borders.
  • Spanish. There`s going to be much more Spanish in your life. By the way, when mail order brides from Colombia become too emotional, they might start swearing… in their mother tongue.

‌Colombian brides seeking marriage can change your life for the better. They`re excellent cooks and homemakers. They make good friends and ideal mothers. Don`t you want to have a wife like that?‌

Vee Prince
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