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BestBeautyBrides is creating a team to help this platform reach new heights. This team will contribute heavily to understanding how dating platforms work. Then, it will deduce the unique characteristics of brides from different nations. Pairing them with reliable data will help them find a match anywhere on the globe. If you`re an SEO specialist, copywriter, or editor, you`re in luck because BestBeautyBrides is hiring!

Senior SEO Specialist

Once the content is created, it needs to reach the masses. As a BestBeautyBrides` SEO Specialist, it would be your job to deduce the actions necessary to have our site get the highest number of clicks possible.

Here are the requirements you`d need to fulfil:

  • You know how to program in HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • You have good communication skills and can work with another SEO specialist
  • You know the ins and outs of PPC campaigns
  • You can figure out shortcomings in websites when it comes to user experience, and know how to fix them
  • You have a plan to reach Google`s top 10 in a quick fashion
  • You have worked as an SEO specialist for two years and have a portfolio
  • You have experience with Ahrefs as well as other SEO tools


Editors head the team of copywriters. They need to be versatile. Besides proofreading texts, you`ll have to coordinate the content of your team and ensure its tiptop quality for BestBeautyBrides readers.

Here are the requirements you`d need to fulfil:

  • You`ll be able to work with 5 writers under you and proofread their content
  • You`re able to come up with creative ideas to your writers for their content
  • Minor mistakes don`t escape you
  • You`re able to meet rigid deadlines
  • You`re a teamplayer and open to suggestions from the marketing section and SEO specialists for the articles you proofread
  • You have previously worked as a senior copywriter or an editor for at least 2 years


Put your literary skills to use as a professional copywriter for BestBeautyBrides. If you know how to create simple yet informative and enticing articles, you`re what we need.

Here are the requirements you`d need to fulfil:

  • You understand how to relate analytics and statistics to your content
  • You have previous work experience which you can link to
  • You`re punctual with your work
  • You don`t struggle to meet the SEO standards
  • You`re able to space out keywords instead of cramming them into a single paragraph
  • You`re a native speaker in English, or fluent (C1/C2 level)
  • You know how to get a point across to readers without coming off as rude
Vee Prince
Vee Prince is an Atlanta-based dating coach specializing in online dating. Read her posts and guides to stay in touch with the latest trend in the world of international romance and courtship.
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