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There are thousands of services offering mail-order brides but few of them are genuine and trustworthy. Here at, we cherry pick the websites that offer genuine services that offer the best foreign brides. Our reviews are based on the functionality of the website, their collection of women, the services they provide in establishing communication and any additional features. We make sure to include all the features to assure that you know everything you need to before using the service. Now you can find your dream girl from our list of the best mail-order bride sites.

What Is A Mail-Order Bride?

girls mail order brides

Mail-Order Brides are women who have signed up on a service that lets them communicate and meet with men of foreign countries. They do so in the hope of getting married and settling elsewhere. You must have heard about the stories of how there are a lot of Russian women who are searching for wealthy or well-settled western men. These stories are not false. Russia has a higher female population than that of the male population and this makes it harder for Russian women to find good husbands. Other factors like economic conditions also affect the decision of why women choose to wed foreign men through these services.

How do mail order bride services work?

All the people coming to mail order bride sites are connected with the same goal — to end their loneliness. Nothing influences human health more than the inability to share feelings with someone close. Without a deep emotional connection with a special person, you feel empty inside and can’t even notice all the bright colors of life.

Loneliness is a proven reason for many diseases. “To die of loneliness” is really possible, especially for elder people. No wonder love search has become the life-goal for every human. And if you can’t match with anyone in your surroundings, why not try to look for the soulmate somewhere else? This is what mail order bride sites give you.

Mail order bride sites help you pick people from nations all over the world without traveling anywhere in search of them.

These websites have a large collection of women waiting to find their dream guy to run away with him. These sites will offer women of your particular preference. You can then chat with them, call them or even meet them before your decision to wed them.

Kiss Russian Beauty
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Date Asian Woman
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Ukraine Bride4you
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Date Ukrainian Girl
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Asia Me
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Date Russian Beauty
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Each mail order bride site is usually devoted to the particular nation, like Latin or Ukrainian ladies. This means your search will become even more effective once you’ll come up with a concrete desire of what wife you want to have in the future. After having that image in your mind it’ll be much clearer what next step you should take.

You just choose the most appropriate mail order ride site, register there, fill in the profile with all the info you want to provide to potential brides, and start exploring. Every platform offers different tools aimed to comfort the connection and communication with ladies. All best mail order bride sites have gifts and flowers delivery features, so you can surprise your girlfriend even being miles away. Chat, send letters, establish a deep connection, and set up a real date when it’s time to move further in your long-distance relationships.

A decent mail order bride website will never promise you marriage as a final result of any contact on the Internet. Relationships aren’t math. Even with the best conditions provided by the mail order bride site, the final result is on you. Even having all the tools for easy love-building it’s only your emotions that matter in the end. When feelings are involved, anything can happen. Best mail order bride websites are platforms providing you a chance and tools to build love. But it’s only up to you how you’ll use that chance.

Short history of mail-order brides

Mail-Order Bride systems started as early as the nineteenth century. Back then communication was limited and this system was unreliable. But now with the emergence of dating apps and other online matrimonial services, mail-order brides have a new, stronger purpose on the internet. A lot of the best mail-order bride sites also have android apps so that you can communicate with your love from anywhere you go.

With the rise in technology, more women are signing up to mail-order brides to find their dream guy.

These women are generally very faithful and are really good housewives. By providing them with a way to settle down with comfort and security, they will provide you with lots of love and care.

Why modern mail order brides choose to become ones? They have broad horizons. What’s the use of sitting in your home country and waiting for some mysterious prince to come and steal your heart? Ladies choose to take destiny in their own hands. Too often local men don’t appreciate what’s given to them and don’t even try to become better people for their beloved ones. With mail order brides sites ladies from any country have a chance to try how love feels on the other edge of the world. Knowing such a chance is available to them, why to refuse to try?

How are the best mail order bride websites chosen?

Building a relationship on the Internet is getting only more popularity with the years. Thus, more and more platforms appear on almost a daily basis. How to choose whom to trust? How not to get trapped? Your time and money are saved thanks to the team of our experts. They constantly research the mail order brides sphere and pick up only the best and trustworthy websites for that. Their motto is not only to provide you with the most decent platforms for love search but to give you a chance to be happy in general. Everyone deserves happiness and that’s what guides them in their work.

While the deep research many factors are considered. What does make a mail order bride platform a good one?

  • Easy and fast registration. If signing up takes you more than 5 minutes to complete more likely you won’t do it. The best mail order bride sites usually ask only for your basic info during this procedure.
  • Intuitive modern design. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to differentiate a good interface form the bad one. It has to be clear where to click without being irritated by any ad.
  • Various search filters. The ability to sort all the girls with the help of concrete filters makes the results fitter to your demands and expectations.
  • Detailed females’ profiles. The more info every mail order bride adds to her account the more chances you have to realize how good she can be for you before even starting the communication.
  • Helpful interaction tools. Usually, chat and letters are enough to keep in touch with a lady but such extra features like winks, stickers, or other variations make communication more emotional and flirtatious.
  • Fair prices. The fact communication on the mail order bride site will need some payments isn’t a rare thing anymore, but those prices still have to be reasonable and affordable.
  • Safety measures. It includes all actions mail order bride website takes to provide complete security for its users.
  • Qualitative customer support. All your queries have to be solved fast and effectively.

Are mail-order bride sites legit?

While the Mail-Order Bride system is getting steadily popular and stronger, there are still cases of several scam profiles or scam websites. These sites try to take your money and advantage of your profiles. It is because of such scams that there have to be websites to let the people know which website can be trusted. These websites are reviewed thoroughly on our site and we provide the pros and cons of depending on their services.

Rates and Pricing Of The Best Mail Order Bride Sites

Mail-Order Brides from foreign nations are gorgeous and well worth the money spent to meet and be together with them. With that being said, it is important to know how expensive all of this can get. Most websites offer free membership on their site to browse, view and even send messages to the profiles of beautiful ladies. However, the free services usually end there. You can find the right profile you want but to properly establish communication you will need to avail the premium subscriptions.

Fortunately, these websites only charge for the service you need. That is, you only need to pay for certain features if you are going to use. The pricing for said features will vary from site to site. And by paying the websites you are showing that you are willing to treat the women with respect and that you really care about finding your best bride.

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Free and paid services

As mentioned before, certain individual features will require you to pay separately when or if you decide to make use of them. One such feature is when you request for a woman’s contact details. This will almost always be a paid feature and you will have to pay each time you make the request. Then there is payment for inviting a girl over or meeting face-to-face with romance tours. These packages will also be paid and the prices will vary according to the website you are using. The distance between you and the woman and even what your romance tours would consist of are also an important factor. This is usually the most expensive feature as it requires getting flight tickets and traveling a lot and spending on a luxurious, fancy evening.

Paid membership prices usually range from $30-$40 on a monthly basis. There are also yearly memberships which could range from $150-$200 when including potential discounts. Some websites allow monthly, some yearly and some allow both. Free memberships cannot get you the bride or even proper communication with the bride. That is a must since most of these women are from countries you are unfamiliar with and their languages will be unfamiliar. So, you will need a translator or interpreter to establish communication and mediate your interactions. Such features require the assistance of the website and will need you to purchase a paid membership.

Payment for legal procedures and paperwork

There is also payment required for the legal procedures and paperwork for meeting and living with your mail-order bride. These paperworks are usually handled by the websites with a few of them having to be done by you and the price for this usually falls under $500. While finding and marrying the best mail-order wife might be a little expensive, it is completely worth it. Not just because of marrying an attractive foreign woman but for giving you and your bride new perspectives and changes in life. Experience the experiences like never before!

Why to choose the best mail order bride sites?

Local dating too often becomes just another time and money waste with no genuine results. Be one step ahead and choose the modern way of building relationships! Marrying a foreign mail order bride won’t be something exotic, as many men around the world choose this variant already. Too often international marriages become even more successful than those you’d have with one of your home country’s residents. That’s because two cultures complement each other and different details of your bride’s traditions always grab all your interest and attention. It’s like reading an exciting and never-ending book — a new chapter always has something to surprise you.

Overview of the best mail order bride sites



Victoria Hearts is one of the most popular and most experienced services. They have a large collection of Russian, Ukrainian and many other East-European women waiting for a groom. The women on their website are stunning, beautiful and searching for their true love. Most men dream of marrying an East-European woman and Victoria Hearts aim to make those dreams come true.


  • A reply rate of 96%
  • Has a large collection of women profiles
  • Has an android app
  • Membership is not required to send emails


  • Cannot guarantee 100% scam free
  • You cannot call the women you are interested

With their premium android app, you can conveniently find your bride and chat with her even while away from your computer. With complex algorithms and techniques much similar to that of the Tinder dating app, the website finds profiles according to your interests.

Love Swans

Love Swans dating

Love Swans has a large collection of gorgeous Slavic ladies but they also have many other European women for you to browse. Their innovative technology guarantees to break the discomfort of the language barrier that might be stopping you from communicating with these women. Slavic women are one of the most attractive ladies in the world and they are known for being faithful to their family and spouses.


  • While Slavic ladies are the main collection, there are plenty of European women to choose from.
  • Offers several communication features like instant messaging, live webcam chatting and the delivery of letters and gifts
  • Has a notable reply rate of 92%


  • Cannot guarantee complete exclusion from scammers
  • Only premium users get 24/7 customer support

A simple free membership in LoveSwans offers a number of features to help you find your dream girl. You can even browse through a catalog of women outside European nations and instead view Chinese or Latin American women as well.


AsiaCharm Review

AsiaCharm is the best dating site dedicated to women from Asian countries like China, Philippines, and Thailand. With automatic translation services, you will not have to worry about communication difficulties between you and the girl of your dreams. AsiaCharm has a large collection of women profiles that match the preferences of various men.


  • More than 50000 monthly users
  • A reply rate of 95%
  • Largest collection of Asian ladies’ accounts
  • Has translation services


  • No option of meeting offline
  • Gifting and instant messaging requires a purchase

Large collection of users, great customer support and filters the profiles according to your preference and interests. Asia Charm has provided a lot of men worldwide with their dream girl and they continue to do so.


matchtruly review

MatchTruly does a lot of what other websites and services offer you but makes it affordable or even free. They pick the features that they feel can benefit you and help you in building proper rapport with your mail-order bride. Match Truly offers communication features like instant messaging and live webcam chat that resembles a Skype call.


  • Large collection of accounts from various nations
  • 90% reply rate
  • Polished and efficient communication tools
  • Prevents scam


  • Offers nothing new, just a combination of features of existing websites
  • While it is affordable and has free options, the premium features are quite pricey.

MatchTruly has profiles of women from all corners of the world. The profiles of women have thorough information about their physique, height, weight and even facts about themselves. MatchTruly has a team that combats scam accounts from their site and so this makes it one of the most secure websites for finding the best mail order wife.

Bridge of Love

Bridge of Love review

Has a concentrated collection of single Ukrainian women eager to meet foreign men. It has a range of communication and browsing services like video chatting, calling, sending emails and even inviting her to come over. Bridge of Love also takes care of such services as well and so you only have to pay for the services and everything else will be taken care of by the website.


  • A face-to-face meeting with support from the website
  • 81% reply rate
  • Several communication facilities


  • Mostly has Ukrainian women
  • New users can only see incoming messages with a free account
  • Scam risks

Bridge of Love creates the bridge between you and your future bride by helping you establish communication, meetings and more. The website helps you find your best foreign bride and their Ukrainian women profiles are extremely attractive and provides extensive information about them like eye color, hair color, personality, physique etc.

ChnLove (AsiaMe)


ChnLove(AsiaMe) has been in business for more than 20 years and they provide their users with a large collection of Chinese women’s profiles. While the website mainly focuses on Chinese women, you can find profiles of women from other Asian regions as well. The website also has an app for android users to connect with their special Chinese lady from anywhere in the world.


  • Has a team with 20 years of experience
  • More than 18000 active members
  • 77% reply rate
  • Has interpreters
  • Great support


  • Contacting is not free
  • The mobile app is only for Android users


LatinFeels review

It’s a website which provides beautiful and exotic Latin American women to talk and meet. Find your best bride from LatinFeels’ list of women hailing from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, and Panama. LatinFeels provides a broad range of communication services including translation services. You will not be troubled by the language differences when speaking to these stunning latinas.


  • Access to profiles of women upon registration
  • With the advanced search tool, you can find the perfect women of your desires
  • Lots of communication facilities
  • Hundreds of latin ladies from various countries


  • Payment methods are limited
  • No romance tours
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